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how to maintance walking trailer?

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Because the load capacity of flat trailer is relatively large, when maintaining flat trailer, we often pay more attention to the maintenance of tires and the whole structure, while ignoring a very important aspect

Because the load capacity of flat trailer is relatively large, when maintaining flat trailer, we often pay more attention to the maintenance of tires and the whole structure, while ignoring a very important aspect, that is, the maintenance of heavy flat trailer chassis. Because the trailer chassis is at the bottom, people usually don't notice it, and its maintenance will be ignored. However, if there is a problem with the chassis, the structure of the whole flat trailer will also be affected. The following is the chassis maintenance method of flat trailer introduced by Shandong Shenzong flat trailer manufacturer.

Arrange the chassis of the flat trailer at a certain time. The chassis of the flat trailer is very close to the ground. In the process of driving, it simply falls into the sediment and makes the chassis of the flat trailer covered with sediment, waste and other attachments, which will pollute the chassis of the flat trailer, pollute the chassis transmission system and other components of the flat trailer, and increase the friction between components, The loss of acceleration parts greatly shortens the service life of flat trailer, and rain and snow may corrode parts to a certain extent. Therefore, the flat trailer needs to be sorted out on time.

The walking trailer will not make abnormal noise during normal driving. If there is a problem with the chassis, the flat trailer will behave abnormally and send out relatively large noise. The flat trailer with problems is inconvenient for its operation and control. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the operation status of the components of the flat Trailer during the driving of the flat trailer, If any problem is found, go to the maintenance factory for maintenance in time.

Car transmission is very important. Of course, the flat trailer we use is no exception. Only after protection and maintenance can the service life of the flat trailer transmission be slightly extended. Next, I will introduce the precautions for flat trailer transmission.

When the walking Trailer moves forward, avoid shifting to the reverse gear. When the flat trailer slides backward, avoid shifting to the forward gear, and wait for the flat trailer to stop completely before shifting. No matter whether the driver shifts to the high gear or the low gear, the flat trailer should shift at an appropriate speed to avoid sudden deceleration or shaking between shifts. Remember, when shifting, The clutch needs to be fully depressed.

When you stop on the mountain due to a red light or other reasons, you should stop the flatbed trailer through the brake. Do not drag the flatbed trailer with the power of the engine to prevent it from sliding backward. Some drivers prefer to use the method of half stepping on the clutch and half stepping on the accelerator to prevent the car from retreating, but this will wear the engine and transmission, Good operation methods play a great role in the later application of the vehicle, so the protection of flat trailer is very important in the running in stage.

The clutch pedal has opened the brake on-off valve, but the starting equipment of the walking trailer is still very difficult. This situation indicates that the clutch braking system is faulty. First check the brake air circuit, loosen the connector between the brake valve and the lower left side of Fuller gearbox, press the clutch pedal to the top of the clutch brake valve, and investigate the air pipe connector.

If the scavenging is not stable, it indicates that the brake on-off valve is faulty and should be removed or replaced. If the exhaust is smooth, remove the clutch brake cylinder and check whether the sealing ring of the brake cylinder is worn and leaked, whether the piston moves freely without card issuance, and check whether the arc concave surface of the piston brake is severely worn. If the wear is severe, it is necessary to replace the piston of the brake cylinder.

It is difficult to shift during normal driving. In this case, first check whether it is the remote control problem of the shift lever system. If the shift lever system is improperly adjusted or the connector leaks, it will lead to the problem of increased shift resistance and difficult shift. Especially for some shift difficulties, the adjustable screw support of the shift arm on the transmission can be adjusted, Keep the lever system in the correct orientation.

When starting the flatbed trailer, it is found that the clutch cannot be separated and the gear cannot be engaged. The reason for this problem is usually that the volume of the clutch shell is water, the flywheel and the pressure plate clutch plate have been rusted and bonded together. The solution is to remove the rust, wipe clean and clean the problem that the clutch cannot be separated.

When the temperature rises or falls too much, many things will be affected by low temperature, unable to operate normally, or even damaged. Of course, the flat trailer is the same, and special attention should be paid to its application. Timing protection, especially the tire part, is very necessary. The manufacturer of flat trailer will introduce how to protect it.

Generally speaking, the better protection for the flat trailer is to protect the turntable every six months. It is advocated to tighten the wheel hub from time to time and clean it with clean water regularly. The flat trailer with brake needs to add brake oil from time to time. For the flat trailer with outrigger, it is advocated to clean the oil and sediment on the outrigger screw from time to time.

It is recommended to put it in a rain proof and dust-proof room, or cover it with a canopy when it is not working for a long time, otherwise it will be damaged quickly. Please connect the connector before using the flat trailer. If you do not use the connector, the connecting rod of the trailer frame will be directly pulled out, which will cause you trouble and inconvenience.


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