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How to avoid slipping of walking Trailer in rainy days

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Flatbed trailer, also known as full trailer, plays an important role in logistics and transportation industry. Compared with general vehicles, what are the advantages of this type of vehicles.

Flatbed trailer, also known as full trailer, plays an important role in logistics and transportation industry. Compared with general vehicles, what are the advantages of this type of vehicles.

The transportation power is very high. Compared with ordinary cars, this flat trailer has great advantages in transportation power. Its loading quality is one to two times that of ordinary cars. If the transportation quality is much higher, it will reduce the transportation times and relatively improve the transportation power.

Secondly, the production cost is also very low. The cost of this vehicle in the production process will be much lower than that of ordinary vehicles. For trucks of the same tonnage, the production cost will be reduced by half or even more. Therefore, in order to save more resources in the logistics transportation process, it is appropriate to select this type of vehicle.

If we use a walking Trailer in rainy days, skidding is still very risky, so we need to pay attention to how to travel correctly. It is very important for everyone using an agricultural trailer, so today we will briefly introduce this problem through the walking Trailer manufacturer, hoping to be helpful.

Generally, there are two kinds of skidding phenomena: one is the rear wheel skidding of the car, which causes it to shake and swing its tail on the road, so the driver cannot control the vehicle, and the other is the front wheel skidding, which mainly occurs when the vehicle is too fast and the road is too slippery when turning.

For the phenomenon of rear wheel slip, that is, when the rear half of the vehicle slips, no matter which direction the vehicle slips, the steering wheel should slip in the direction of slip. Remember not to brake, and all actions should be as gentle as possible.

Here I would like to remind drivers and friends that if the front wheel slips, that is, the steering wheel cannot roll, the vehicle will rush forward in a straight line until the obstacle collides before parking. At this moment, remember to wait for the wheel to roll, the steering wheel can only roll back to normal, and repeat the braking to make the oil circuit reach excellent working conditions.

How to make better use of the walking trailer during the running in period? The flat trailer is a large vehicle for long-distance transportation. It has outstanding functions, wide working range and smooth travel, but the new car will have a running in stage, and the walking trailer is no exception. Here is how to control it in the running in stage.

1. If the flat trailer is in the running in stage, pay attention to its load. It should be within the specified range. Advocate that people follow the lower limit load and don't overload.

2. When driving the container flat trailer, pay attention to check whether the brake is hot, whether there is abnormal smell and whether the flat trailer deviates.

3. The container flat trailer shall start smoothly in the running in process, and the acceleration shall not be too violent. When driving, the foot shall not be placed on the brake pedal to avoid damaging the braking system.

Flat trailer is a commonly used transportation vehicle. Because of its industrial design and technical characteristics, it is used in many aspects. It is generally used for heavy-duty transportation of industrial goods. How to make the flat trailer "live longer".

For the users of flat trailer, the maintenance of flat trailer is the key to extend its service life. The cleaning of flat trailer is essential. Only by regularly sorting the vehicle can we work smoothly and get on the road easily.

In addition, lubricating oil is also very important, which can ensure the long-term use of the bearings of the flat trailer. The purchase of lubricating oil is also more important. Only when the quality of lubricating oil is qualified can we ensure the smooth operation of the initiator and extend the service life of the flat trailer.

Before replacing the lubricating oil, clean up the original lubricating oil in the vehicle and replace it with new lubricating oil, so that no chemical sediment will accumulate in the engine.

Every profession has its own little secret, and the trailer profession is no exception. Nowadays, the oil price is very expensive, and the flatbed trailer driver is distressed that his wallet is getting smaller and smaller. The manufacturer will teach you the little secret of reducing fuel consumption.

1. Lack of inflation of flatbed trailer tires will lead to the addition of fuel consumption.

2. Go to the flat trailer manufacturer to replace the tire in time, and the tire skid will also add fuel consumption.

3. When the exhaust pipe shows black smoke, check whether there is something wrong with the carburetor.

4. Long service time of spark plugs will also increase fuel consumption. Go to the original flat trailer manufacturer to buy spark plugs with guaranteed quality.

When the flat trailer is transported for a long time, a lot of dirt will inevitably stick to the body. In order to keep the body tidy and ensure the function of flat trailer, we need to clean it. What are the cleaning methods? Let's take a look.

1. Wash the front of flat trailer with wax

Although water wax car wash is average for car wash fluid, we pay more attention to the care of the paint on the surface of flat trailer. Because the water wax car washing process increases the quantity and variety of wax, the car body will be more bright and shiny. The surfactant used in water wax car washing is the component of general facial cleanser, which basically won't damage the car body.

2. Scratch free car wash

Scratch free car wash liquid is all made of facial cleanser, which also contains rich water wax and special components to remove static electricity. In particular, it uses scientific and technological achievements in other fields, that is, the concept of sediment suspension. Because of the use of sediment suspending agent, the sediment will fall naturally without external force, so as to realize scratch free car washing. Judging from the actual situation, this method is good.

3. Wash with detergent and detergent

The cleaning ingredients in washing powder and detergent are sulfonic acid. Sulfonic acid acts on the paint for a long time, which is very simple to make the paint white and lose its original luster. General detergents are also alkaline products. Although some detergents are neutral, their long-term use will hurt hands. Therefore, the use of washing powder and detergent to wash the car is not good for the front of flat trailer.


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